* Critical control of safety and equipments and understanding of process flow and quality
  at mass-production site
* For each production process / Understanding of each press processing, prioritizing safety at each
  processing work, understanding of basic press functions and operation, improve ability to effectively
  respond to possible emergency situation during press work / Quality improvement, improvement of
  side view
* Press is a machine that uses a tool composed of a pair or more, places a material to be processed
  in between, and exerts a strong force on the material by relational motion of the tools to perform
  plastic working
* Air pressure(AIR), Electricity, Oil pressure(OIL)
* Pros: Processing method of high productivity, suitable for manufacturing products that require
  consistency, and insures high strength despite the light weight of the product
* Cons: Requires mold, less flexible for manufacturing of different products in small amounts,
  accompanies risk of accidents