Approximately over 90 percent of automobile body welding is spot welding, and approximately 3,500
points are welded for one vehicle; influence of spot welding status on quality is substantial.
Squeeze Time
Time for pressurizing weld specimen; refers to the time past prior to the
electrical conduction. Plates stick to each other during this time interval.
Squeeze time should be properly adjusted according to the status of bonding
surface of components and stroke of welding gun.
Weld Time
The time refers to the actual interval when the current is flowing; the time is
decided by the thickness of the plate. (ex: plate thickness = 0.8 → 14 cycles)
Hold Time
Time required for the nugget to coagulate while the electrode continues to be
pressurized after completion of electrical conduction.
(ex: Set as one-third of the electrical conduction time)
Off Time
Refers to the time interval between maintenance time and restart time, also
called electrode opening time.